Vlas Babinets
Nocode-Developer, Ex-Automation Lead at WeLoveNocode
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Hi! My name is Vlas. I’am an entrepreneur since 2013. I established a network of creditors and of private investors, who had been investing their money in loans with pledges like a cars, flats, houses, garages.

All this work I organized with nocode-tools like Airtable, Coda, Telegram and Integromat (now it calls the Make).

Since June of 2021th for march of 2022 I had been working in the WeLoveNocode at the position of Automation Lead.

I integrated Airtable with Bubble, Hubspot, Stripe, Telegram, Slack. Created the dashboard for salary calculation, for matching developers with clients for our marketplace.
partners worked with us
years entrepreneur
months Automation Lead
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Nocode Stack

I worked with these tools to automate workflows in my business, also in WeLoveNoCode as an Automation Lead
Nocode-database with automations, dashboards, gant, kanban and else
Open-source Airtable-alternative. Fast and scalable, but more technical skills required
Make (formely Integromat)
I made telegram-bots, automation for docs autofilling, marketing funnels and else
Made integrations between Airtable, Bubble, Hubspot, Stripe
Functional platform for web and mobile applications development
Fast and simple platform for static web-site development, like the Webflow
Knowledge base with smart spreadsheets. I made with the Coda CRM for lawyers
Knowledge base with simple UI. We used it for instructions, regulations and tasks
Google Spreadsheets
You know :)
Google Docs
I made an automation for docs autofilling in Google Docs with the Make
Google Slides
I made an automation for autogeneration of diploma of completion of training
Google Drive
Created an automation for keeping generated contracts in Google Drive
Created telegram-bots with menus as a replacement for dashboards with CRUD
Made automations for notifications in Slack about new leads and other
Created synchronization with Airtable for collection data about client’s paying statuses
Created synchronization between Bubble, Airtable and Hubspot
UI Bakery
Created a dashboard for salaries calculation. Data gets from the Airtable
I used it as a Kanban for project tasks managing
Integrated with the Telegram and Airtable for data collection data and notifications
Simple builder for creation of mobile applications (PWA). Works with Google Sheets
That's all. I have nothing to say.
Real. I'am not joking.
It's not a Marvel movie.
OMG. I applaud your perseverance.